New year and some changes...

Been quiet here for some time now.  I guess I've been struggling with what I want my blog to be and I think that my interests seem to jump around to I've decided to make some changes this year and really focus on my photography and share only that on this blog.

I decided to join a 52 week project which I have never done before.  There is a theme each week but you don't have to stick to it if you don't want to.  The first was "Fresh".  The usual things came to mind like fresh eggs, fresh flowers, fresh veggies...but what I chose was a picture of our new kitten, Howie.  We adopted him for Christmas and while playing around with my lensbaby I took this picture of him and thought that I would use this photograph since we gave him a "fresh" start.  So there you have it.  You can check out the website here if you would like more info on the 52 week project. 

Another change for me will be focusing on black and white photography.  Many moons ago I only did black and white and over time I started adding more color.  My love is really black and white and I miss it so I will be trying to create more images void of color. 

I will be sharing the 52 week images here as well as others so I hope you enjoy what you see.