Wreaths from vintage materials...

I have been getting ready for the holiday season making these wreaths out of vintage materials.  I have seen many versions of the paper wreaths out of sheet music and after some fine tuning I have come up with my own version.  I search for old sheet music so the paper has an aged look.  It can't be to old or it falls apart when I fold it.  I also use vintage tinsel garland that I look for at estate sales or on Ebay.  Some tinsel is older than others so each wreath can vary depending what I can find.  Then I use letters from vintage Anagram games.  Again some letters have been used more than others but I don't use any that are really worn or stained.  The ribbon is a natural jute ribbon.  Lastly they are packed in a cello bag to protect them.
I really like the neutral color pallet and a little bit of sparkle from the tinsel and fine glitter on the medallion in the center.  These are for sale here.
Holiday Wreaths