Beautiful light

It is raining, windy, and freezing here today.  I'm not feeling the spring love right now.  I'm thinking the hot water bottle sounds really good.  I had a second job interview today and I'm really excited.  I hope I get it (fingers crossed).  If and when I do I'll fill you in on the details.  I used to work in a gourmet market that was owned by my sister and she sold it in the fall.  I was in charge of all the fattening stuff, the bakery and the cheese. 
It is hard to get out and be motivated to take pics in this kind of weather so I have been working inside.  I am trying to set up a small studio space in a spare bedroom because of the beautiful light in there.  I love using natural light and this room is bathed in it.  It's bright and cheerful even if it's pouring outside. 
I think that will be my weekend project.

I started this post before the terrible devastation in Japan.  My heart aches for the people who are suffering such a terrible loss.  My prayers, though humble, are very real for the millions who have been affected.