I love to sew and I haven't done it much lately but it is something I grew up with.  My grandmother taught me to make a pattern out of newspaper from an already existing skirt and make a new one.  My best friend and I made very cool (mid 60's) skirts out of pillow cases which we painted. 
My parents are from Scotland where the woolen industry was the way of life for most people and it was the textile industry that brought my parents here.  I got a little off track here but my point is that the creative part of sewing has always been something I enjoy.
I have a pile of vintage hankies that I have wanted to use in some way.  Years ago I made the top of quilt with these old hankies  but never finished it and so it has been used many times as a table cloth.   I wanted to do something small so I thought about pillows.  Instead I came up with these small pillow cases.  I think they are sweet.

I am open for suggestions as to other ideas for these hankies.  They are so pretty and feminine.
I actually made the white pillow case just because I didn't have any small ones.  Anybody know where to buy a small cotton pillow case?  It would be much easier to use a store bought one. 
I'm having fun with these so I think I'll make a few more.