Daily routines?

As a general rule I have trouble sticking to things that I have to do daily.  I love the thought of keeping a journal and documenting my daily thoughts but I start out strong and then it's over.  It's the same with exercise.  I know I have to do it but other things get my attention and my daily is not so daily anymore.  This leads me to photography and participating in a 365 group.  This year was my second attempt and I think I got to day 8 before I strayed.  Anyway,  I found something I can stick to (at least I think I can) and that is the photo assignments from Divas and Dreams.  Christina is a wonderful photographer from Denmark and every Sunday she posts a new photo assignment  for the week.  At the end of the week she picks her faves and posts them on her blog.  This I think I can do.  This week it is Childhood and last week it was Shooting from above.   Check out her website Divas and Dreams , join the Flickr group and become a Shutter Diva.
Christina has a fabulous giveaway this week.  She is teaching a 6 week on line photography course and she is giving one spot away.


Childhood Assignment

Shooting from above assignment.