Tap, tap, tap...anyone still reading this blog?

I have had a very long unintentional break in my blog.  I can't believe my last post was Dec. 4th!  Several things have been keeping me busy but not so busy that I couldn't write a few lines here and there.  So, I don't really have any excuses and I hope that I can be more consistent.
My husband and my youngest son are off skiing together and spending some time with my middle son.  I don't like to ski and gave it up a few years ago.  It is something my boys and my husband love and it gives them some good one on one time with each other. I am enjoying being at home and catching up on many projects in the works.  I just purchased a Polaroid sx70 and I'm anxious to play around with it.  I really love the old feel that you get with these cameras.  I will post some of these images soon.
I mentioned in my last post that I have opened a booth in Sono Market Place.  The holiday season was great but it is a little quieter now.  I love having this place to share what I love and even though it has slowed down a bit it is soooo much fun.  The other vendors are wonderfully talented people and I enjoy being with them very much.

 I'm off to have my coffee and plan the rest of the day.  It's nice to get back to my blog!