A week off....

This week I was supposed to be working on exercise #6 from Chris Orwig's book but I have to confess that I played hookie from photography.  Instead, I decided to work on several small mixed media projects to get my creative juices flowing.  I really love creating mixed media art and I am very happy when I can incorporate my own photography into a piece. 
I cut several pieces of water color paper into 6 x 6 squares and then applied gesso to both sides.  I decided to make it into a book for myself so I could go back and look at it when I needed a little inspiration.  Everyday I tried to complete one square and tried to do something different each time.  
I think if you read art and photography blogs you will find that so many artists love the creative process and I'm no exception.  If my heart is heavy or my stress level nearing its peak I love to be transported to another place.  Taking my camera out or creating a piece of art just makes me so happy.  For me that is a really good thing.
Here are a couple of pieces that I did.  I transferred my photographs of the coffee cup and the cherries using matte medium. I'm going to continue this week so I will have more to show another day.  I have 9 so far.