Exercise # 5 Narrative Portraiture

Today's exercise is #5 from Chris Orwig's book and it is learning to take a narrative portrait.  We were to choose a person with a dynamic personality, use natural or ambient light, choose a location that acts like a stage, and choose one photograph that tells a story.  Ater 30-45 minutes of shooting, then processing, we were to choose only one photograph that captures the essence of the person and narrative being portrayed.

I chose my 16 year old son.  He has a very dynamic personalty, the location was his room ( in it's natural state), and the room was filled with beautiful light.

The story that I was trying to capture was of a budding musician/singer/songwriter slowly emerging.  Someone gaining confidence and finding his voice, both literally and metaphorically.  Choosing one shot for this was harder than I thought.  I chose this one in the end.

If you are following along with the exercises from this great book please stop by the other blogs listed below and see their results.  As for exercise # 4 ( black and white film) I'm almost finished but still have to send it off.  Hopefully by the weekend I'll have the post up.
As always comments and feedback are always welcomed.  That's the way I learn.

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