New Cake Stands...

Today I'm supposed to be posting the 3rd exercise from Chris Orwig's book but I am not quite finished so this post is about new cake stands that I made.  I will post exercise #3 tomorrow.  Anyhoo... I really like making these wooden cake stands.  My husband makes the base of the stand on a lathe and I paint and decorate them.

It is best to use a doily to protect the top but if anything gets on the top it is sealed and can be wiped with a damp cloth.

The pink cake stand has a vintage flower on top with brown ribbon with polka dots.  The base is a pale pink with a distressed finish.  It is shabby chippy.

The white cake stand  is decorated with a vintage, French inspired, post card.  The base on this one is painted white and distressed in a shabby chippy finish.  These are so much fun for special occasions such as a baby shower, bridal shower, or any holiday.
I used a couple for a bridal shower and gave the bride one of the stands as a gift. 
The last picture shows that the stands can be used as a decoration for your home and not for food.

These can be found here in my etsy shop.