Black and white FILM....

If you have been following along with the 30 exercises from Chris Orwig's book People Pictures you know that this week is #4.  This is open ended because we have to use black and white film and it has to be sent away to be developed.  I switched to digital about 6 years ago.  I really wasn't sure that I wanted to do that since I had been shooting film for 20 + years and had my own black and white darkroom a while ago.  I really missed being in the darkroom but with children and life in general I decided to make the switch.  I was very excited to dust off my film camera but it took awhile to feel comfortable with it.  I'm almost finished the exercise and should be ready to post as soon as I get them back.
Now I have a confession to make... I started exercise 3 but I never got to finish it.  I gave myself permission to skip this one.  If I can I will make it up later.

I decided to post a couple of black and white people pictures that I took quite a long time ago so when I post my new ones I'll see if I got any better.
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