I love all photography and have always felt comfortable with still shots.  I enjoy looking for small details, beauty in the ordinary, or setting something up.  I enjoy photographing people but I don't do it as often.  I decided to join a wonderful group of photographers in a project based on the 30 exercises from People Pictures by Chris Orwig.  It is a wonderful book with great ideas to challenge yourself.  We will post our pics on our blogs at the end of each week and I will put a list of the other blogs at the bottom of the post so if you are interested you can see the results from each week.  It should be fun so please follow along and do post comments as we are always looking for good feedback

The first exercise was to take an authentic portrait using minimal gear, shooting in manual, manual focus, natural light, and just 10 mins. or so.
My husband and I were walking our dog in the woods and I had him stop and sit on this rock.  Anyone that knows him knows that he is the happiest hiking in the woods or freezing in snow.  The only processing I did was crop and change to black and white.
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Anyone in the group without blogs will post their results in the Group blog!