Clarifying your craft...

Clarifying your Craft was exercise #2 in Chris Orwig's book, People Pictures. The exercise was to Celebrate, Collect, and Critique.
I wish I had more time to spend on this exercise because it was interesting.  To celebrate we were to do something we enjoy such as visiting a library to look at books, go to a museum to see the range of art, or something to enjoy your craft and be inspired.  Something I do on a regular basis is go to the book store and gather up a pile of books and magazines, grab a coffee and go into my "zone".  I become completely immersed in photographs and different forms of art.  I love that.
The next part of the exercise was to spend 45 minutes going through magazines and collect examples of the photographs that speak to you.  I have not joined the Pinterest craze yet but that's a great way to gather examples of inspiration.   I did it the old fashioned way with scissors and glue.  I have always been a still life photographer who also enjoys photographing people  so I am drawn to pictures that revolve around detail whether it a still or a person.
The last part of the exercise was critiquing photographs and deciding what makes a "people picture" good.  We were to come up with out own definition.  After giving this quite a bit of thought I've decided that my quote is...

A good people picture speaks to me... it says "pull up a chair, grab a coffee, and stay awhile".  I tend to linger over a great photograph.  This is an ever evolving process.  It can be frustrating as well as joyful.  The journey is the best part.
Please stop by and visit the other women who are joining me on this journey.  We love comments so please share your thoughts on the exercises.

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