Slowing down.....

I've started reading a new book called The Practice of Contemplative Photography.  I learned about it accidentally while reading a magazine on yoga.  I haven't started yoga but I'm sure that it's going to be a good thing for me.  Anyway... after reading the article I wanted to learn more about this kind of photography.  Sometimes I feel that I fill myself with to much information and I've forgotten how to see the world around me.  The practice of contemplative photography teaches you to slow down and be more aware of the beauty in the ordinary.  It's very interesting and takes practice.  When you become more aware that in our busy crazy lives there are so many opportunities missed to create beautiful photographs it makes you think.
While making my son's bed I stopped to notice how the light was coming in across his bed.  I've made it so many times but never stopped to "see".
While this isn't the most beautiful photograph it is exactly what I saw and at that moment it was beautiful.

On a lighter note while this looks peaceful the other side of the room was a disaster!