Christmas Week

Christmas week was spent in the Adirondacks.  It was nice to be away even though it was freezing!We visited with family, sat by the fire, which never went out,
cross country skied ( I was still by the fire), went snow shoeing (still by the fire), read my new Shutter Sisters book Expressive Photography, cooked, ate, shopped, took pictures, took naps, and enjoyed being with my kids.
My eldest son is newly married this year and lives in Colorado. My second son just moved out there as well.  It was great to have them home.  My third son is 15 and isn't crazy about being left behind. I shot some winter pics up there and I'm surprised that there isn't one shot
of the fire since that is where I spent most of my time. 

My dog Wallace (actually taken by my son Christian)

My older dog Cooper (he prefers being by the fire)