I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We were Pa. bound with my family for the first holiday since my father passed away this summer.  Lots of emotion being felt by everyone but still a wonderful day.  Dinner was prepared by my sister who is an amazing cook.  I keep telling her to start a blog with her recipes and entertaining ideas.

I forgot to announce the winner of the holiday giveaway.  Three people commented before the cutoff so I picked all three.
My brother, my friend Christine, and Christina (soul aperture).  I hope you enjoy your ornaments.

Until recently my day job was in the bakery and cheese department of my sister's gourmet market.  She sold the market and while it was bitter sweet this is the first holiday season that I will not be completely stressed out.  I want to be present every moment to really enjoy this glorious time of year.  I look forward to seeing how you all celebrate.  Here's to a beautiful December.

Just a few little things I picked up in a little antique store in Pa.  Enjoy!