A Paper Christmas Wreath...


I have been making paper wreaths for a few years now and I thought I would share my process. I have seen many variations but this is my take…

You will need: 8” square of cardboard, sheet music or old book pages cut in 52 pieces measuring 4” x 6”each, 52” to 54” piece of ribbon, tinsel, letters, glue gun.

Make sure the paper isn’t to brittle because it will be hard to work with.


Cover the cardboard on one side with whatever paper you decide to use and cut a slice in the corner to slide the ribbon through. The size of the ribbon will determine how big a slice. It is important to put the ribbon in now as you won’t be able to when the wreath is finished. This ribbon was from the Hearth and Hand collection from last Christmas.


Turn over and draw a circle (this is about 2.5”) in the center as a guide. Make your 4 x 6 pieces into cone shapes and glue with glue gun. Start gluing to the cardboard using the circle as a guide. The bigger the circle the more cones you will need but for this one this is what I used. You need to glue 26 cones in the first layer. If you find that you need a few more remember that the first layer has to be an even number. Continue all the way around.


It will look like this. The next layer will be 13 cones and you will glue them in between the cones on the first layer skipping every other one. The tips of the cones on this layer will go a little further into the inner circle causing them to be a little shorter than the first layer.


It will look like this. The third and last layer you will fill in the gaps between the cones on the second layer with another 13 cones. When you apply the glue on the this layer you may have to add to the sides of the cones so they stick to the under layer well.


After adding the third row it will look like this. You can fill in the center with whatever suits you but I had some vintage tinsel that I rolled into a circle and glued to a small piece of cardboard then glued it to the center. The letters I used are vintage Anagram letters but Scrabble letters would word or you could make your own. I cut a small piece of cardboard and added the letters to it then glued it to the tinsel.


The finished product looks like this. They make really nice gifts. Someone once gave me a stack of sheet music that belonged to their parents. Their parents had passed away and she asked me to make 6 wreaths to give to her siblings. Such a nice gift.