I know, I know it's early...


When you have lots and lots of paper and glue you look for new ways to use it up. I started making these a few years ago and I thought maybe my fellow paper hoarders might like to see my process and possibly make a few.

It is kind of messy but the end result is pretty. I like a little sparkle around the holidays but if that’s not your thing you can skip the fine glitter.


You will need the following materials…

  1. A plastic Christmas ornament with a removable top. These are 2.65” but get the size that you like.

  2. Matte medium

  3. Fine glitter(if you like that)

  4. Some kind of string or ribbon to hang it

  5. Scissors

  6. Old book pages (or whatever paper you would like to use) cut into strips. Mine were about 3/4” and 1/2”. Make sure the paper isn’t to stiff because it won’t mold around the ornament.


Cover a generous area with matte medium and place four of the larger strips around the ball. Apply matte medium over the top as well. Then continue around the ball with the smaller strips to fill in the spaces. Smooth the paper out as you go. It will be wrinkly at first but the more you work it the smoother it will get.


Once the ball is covered, and still damp, use your hands to smooth out the bubbles and make sure the paper is lying flat.


I make a paper cuff to cover the ends of the paper at the top. You don’t have to add this but I think it looks nice. If you cut the “V” deep it will go around without tearing. Again, apply the matte medium first then on top. One thing is for sure..I will never be a hand model!


Almost done now…while the ornament is damp you can sprinkle a little glitter or roll it in a dish of glitter. I also put some glue on the top and put glitter on that and pop it back into the ornament. Now add your string or ribbon and it’s done. You can certainly embellish as much or as little as you want.